Automation and integration with Zapier and KnowledgeOwl
by Deborah Barnard

Automation and integration with Zapier and KnowledgeOwl

Sometimes you may want to automate tasks, or get data from one application to another. For example, you might need to automatically forward support queries from KnowledgeOwl’s contact form to another app, such as Salesforce or Help Scout.

This is where Zapier can be useful. Zapier is a paid service that lets you connect different apps and create automated workflows, through a GUI (graphical user interface). This means you can set up automations and link up apps without needing to write code or manage the technical side of the process yourself.

In case you’re already familiar with Zapier, and about to go excitedly hunting for a KnowledgeOwl Zapier app, please note that KnowledgeOwl does not have its own Zapier app. Zapier apps are official integrations: for example, Google has provided a Gmail Zapier app, meaning you can easily connect it to any other Zapier app. 

However, while we don’t have a KnowledgeOwl Zapier app, we do have an API and webhooks, which can be connected to other apps through Zapier’s own Webhooks by Zapier integration. To support this, our documentation now includes a Zapier section. It features step by step tutorials for people new to Zapier, showing how to use Zapier with KnowledgeOwl’s webhooks and API. If you’re already familiar with Zapier, the quickstarts should allow you to get going fast.

We would love to hear about anything cool you build with this, or any questions you have!

Deborah Barnard

Deborah is a tech writer who is passionate about readability, accessibility, and all things API-related. When she isn't writing documentation, she can generally be found trying out a new static site generator.

You can find out more about Deborah at Starfall Projects, or connect on LinkedIn.

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